About Us

Meet our Team

Infotainment.com is not a one-man-show. We've created a team environment over the years where all thoughts & opinions are openly encouraged.

A successful business can only grow when everyone has the opportunity to be heard and collectively work together for the best interest of the company.

We Started as Infotainment Customers…

Infotainment.com spawned from a desire to provide customers with a better experience.

Infotainment.com founder Doug Indrunas became involved with the OEM vehicle infotainment industry first as a customer. He had partnered with his father, Tom Indrunas, in the auto brokerage business.

The ability to replace damaged or malfunctioning infotainment systems brought value to a very competitive business. But in early 2008, the auto industry saw a dramatic decrease in sales due to the economic downturn.

Though there were challenges, Doug also saw an opportunity.

Owners were keeping cars longer. Yet, they still wanted to upgrade their vehicle technology. They needed replacements for their in-vehicle infotainment systems at a reasonable price.

Few people, including car dealerships or service technicians, realized that options existed for replacing or upgrading.

A Greater Level of Service

Due to the increasing impact of electronic control systems on vehicle design, it soon became apparent that a gap existed for the average customer.

OEM equipment could be swapped among similar models, but there were some details that needed to be addressed. Vehicles needed to be programmed and retrofitted with OEM parts to protect owners' warranties and existing functionality.

The installations would need to be very simple so that consumers could perform installations themselves. Under no circumstances should the installation require cutting or splicing wires, thereby potentially voiding buyer warranty protections.

Providing that standard of quality and service would require innovative technical solutions.

Our Engineering Excellence Sets Us Apart

OEM Auto Part Company, now OEM Auto Parts, LLC. d/b/a Infotainment.com, transformed from an OEM parts supplier to an auto-electronics engineering company.

More than just a replacement OEM radios vendor, Infotainment.com designs one-of-a-kind reliable easy to install replacement and upgrade infotainment solutions.

Our investment into research and development gives customers the security of knowing we're committed to our discipline for the long-term. We continually research new product offerings and find ways to improve existing products.

Our relationship with manufacturers and vendors makes us the most reliable source for OEM infotainment replacements and upgrades.

Infotainment's engineering group has dedicated itself to providing the most reliable solutions at a fair price to the consumer.

Looking Forward

Infotainment has grown from an idea in an entrepreneur's garage to a company with over 12,000 orders annually and growing.

In order to help more vehicle owners benefit from our custom engineered OEM infotainment products, we've started construction on a new facility.

This new high-tech complex has been designed with over 19,000 square feet of space. With newer and even more labs and equipment, Infotainment stands poised to bring more brands and more solutions in the near future.

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