The Toyota Corolla has sold over 50 million units

Toyota reached the 50-million sold mark for the Corolla model which was first introduced in the U.S. in 1968.

The Toyota Corolla arrived in the U.S. in the Spring of 1968. It cost $1,700, a little more if you added the optional AM radio.

Yes, life was simpler then. The median household income was $7,700 and gas cost $0.35 per gallon. Circumstances would soon change, and the Corolla would become a much more attractive option for American car buyers.

With the political tensions causing gas prices to rise sharply, the small economic vehicle took on greater value for many Americans. It may not have been their first choice in many cases, it became the practical choice.

Some 50 years later, Corollas continue to be a popular choice among Americans, and most likely for the same reasons—affordable value. The Toyota Corolla still remains one of the most affordable cars on the American car market. Whether you wanted to save money on fueling up or sought a low-cost vehicle with increased performance, the Corolla offered an option.

1969 Toyota Corolla

The Corolla has spanned the test of time. The first Corollas got 20 miles-per-gallon and went 0-60 in 17 seconds with a 60 horsepower engine. By 1990, all Corollas came with a 16-valve DOHC engine and also featuring four-wheel independent suspension. The GT-S version would provide 135 horsepower.

In 2022 Toyota has announced the first-ever Toyota Corolla crossover appropriately named the Toyota Cross.

Let’s be honest, the Corollas has never been a vehicle that turned heads. So why has it been able so popular? Practicality.

The Toyota Corolla throughout history has remained remarkably consistent in delivering a practical vehicle at an affordable price.

Even now, Toyota has become one of the first automakers to provide advanced safety features as a standard feature. And they’ve stayed faithful to creating fuel-efficient cars.

Whether you’re a fan or not, respect must be paid to the automobile manufacturing industry’s best-selling vehicle, the little engine that coud— the Toyota Corolla.

2021 Toyota Corolla