Upgrade your base radio to a touchscreen display and reroute the rear backup camera image from the rear view mirror to the radio display.


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Can't wait for our harness? Follow the tips below to manually reroute your backup camera feed to your newly installed radio.

Tap into the backup camera feed which runs from the tailgate, along the passenger side frame rail, into the cab through the passenger side a-pillar, under the headliner, and plugs into the rear view mirror
  • You will need to cut or splice into the 22 gauge white with green stripe (video positive) and the 22 gauge brown with violet stripe (video negative) using a short stripped RCA female cable. 
  • If you remove the passenger side dash end access panel you can reach in and pull the C264 connector from the a-pillar and perform the splice in that location. (The alternate location would be the connector on the backside of the rear view mirror)

  • Use a male to male RCA video cable and run from the newly installed female RCA to the backside of your newly installed factory or aftermarket radio.
  • Our F-INTF1T Camera Interface makes connecting the camera feed very easy to the Sync 1 factory navigation radio. Done!