OEM Auto Parts Co was founded in 2008 with the vision to become an intermediary between the traditional franchise auto dealer parts department and the consumer. This vision would allow the average consumer better pricing on factory automobile parts while potentially obtaining better service. OEM already had a footprint at the time in the factory automobile a/v electronics market. They were familiar with how upgrades like navigation systems were to be integrated into the automobile after the vehicle themselves were built. This expertise was rare and OEM soon found themselves in a niche market. Like many companies, soon after they start up, they settle in an area of the market that will promote rapid growth. For OEM Auto Parts Co it was the infotainment market. Beginning late 2016 OEM Auto Parts Co will transition themselves into their niche, infotainment.com!

What is “infotainment?”
[in-fuh-teyn-muh nt]
Integrated systems in automobiles that deliver entertainment and information content.


Doug Indrunas
OEM Auto Parts Company