3 Car Accessories That Can Improve Your Safety

Yes, reasonably priced mods do exist that improve vehicle safety.

When you think car accessories, high-end audio systems, fancy lighting systems or loud mufflers most likely come to mind.

For those more practical minded, a new set of accessories exist that can add modern safety features to an older vehicle. Maybe you went with the base model, or missed the trim package upgrade by a year.

Whatever your reason, safe driving will always be a feature worth the investment.

As in-vehicle infotainment specialists, we've created a Christmas wish-list of practical vehicle accessories that improve driver safety.

Backup Camera

OEM Backup Cameras for vehicles increase safety - infotainment.com

The benefits of a backup camera seem pretty obvious.

If you don't have a backup camera, you've wished you did more than once. From avoiding pedestrians to avoiding bumper scrapes when reversing, backup cameras provide lots of utility and safety.

Backup cameras are the easiest improvement you can make to almost any vehicle.

If you have an in-vehicle infotainment screen, you can view the camera through your existing screen.

If your vehicle lacks an in-vehicle infotainment screen, backup mirror versions exist. Or you can also choose to add an on-dash touchscreen.

Cost: $150 - $250

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Handsfree Bluetooth

Handsfree Bluetooth Microphones - Infotainment.com

If your vehicle has an existing infotainment system, it most likely has handsfree bluetooth capability.

Handsfree bluetooth allows you to utilize your smartphone without taking your eyes off of the road. In addition, bluetooth connectivity can provide for audible turn-by-turn directions depending upon your particular vehicle.

The cost of adding handsfree bluetooth can vary depending upon your vehicle's existing capability.

For many in-vehicle infotainment systems, handsfree bluetooth capability can be as simple as adding a compatible bluetooth microphone.

In other instances, you may need to replace your entire head unit to achieve capability. This will substantially increase your investment, but the invest does have a much bigger return.

A newer head unit will probably mean you gain not only handsfree bluetooth capability, but also features such as Sirius radio, HD radio and access to other manufacturer in-vehicle safety and multimedia features.

Bluetooth Microphone: $55 - $400
Upgraded Head Unit: $900 - $2500

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Navigation Radio

OEM Navigation Radio Upgrades and Replacements - Infotaiment.com

Driving while lost can be very dangerous.

Having a full GPS driven navigation system at your fingertips ensures you always know where you're going.

A new navigation head unit can provide a full array of features from in-vehicle safety services to entertainment options. In addition to GPS, new navigation radios almost always include SiriusXM satellite radio capability, smartphone integration, 3D maps, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto connectivity.

Other features frequently found in upgrade navigation radios include HD radio and/or access to premium subscription services, such as stolen car location and emergency assistance.

If your own a vehicle 3 years old or less, this could be your wisest investment. In many instances you may be able to upgrade to a manufacturer navigation radio 2 or more years newer.

This is a great way to improve a vehicle you really intend to keep for an extended period.

Cost: $900 - $2500

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