Upgrade your base radio to a touchscreen display and reroute the ParkView rear backup camera image from the rearview mirror to the radio display.

For a simple DIY Plug-And-Play OEM Installation kit



1. Unplug the 14-PIN connector from the backside of your rear view mirror. Splice a 8 foot in length 22 gauge wire into PIN #3 (Camera Signal). Splice a 8 foot in length 22 gauge wire into PIN #5 (Camera Return).
2. Route the two newly spliced wires from the rear view mirror connector to the 52-PIN connector behind the radio. Connect the associated wires accordingly. Rear view mirror PIN #3 (Camera Signal) wire to radio PIN #31 (Camera Signal). Rear view mirror PIN #5 (Camera Return) wire to radio PIN #32 (Camera Return).


Q: My existing radio connector does not have wires currently populated in PIN #31 or PIN #32. How can I connect my newly spliced wires coming from the rear view mirror to the radio connector?
A: Arrange to order connector pins from an online retailer or you can order a repair kit from your local Ram dealer. Part number 68225148AA includes the connector pins.


Q: I consider myself savvy at automotive wiring. Is it possible to use an altered 8 foot male to male video RCA cable and interface it with the radio using your C4T radio interface?
A: Yes, some have used this method and works well. Interface the male RCA with our C4T Harness female RCA.